Monday, February 13, 2012

Camelbak or Granite

Item: Granite Tactical H2O
Price Range:
Features: Holds 100 Oz Or 3 Liter Hydration Bladders, Closed Cell Foam Insulation, Closed Cell Foam Insulation, 500 D Cordura® Nylon, Pals Webbing Throughout, High Output Hydration Ports, Internal And External Zip Pockets, Quick Release Shoulder Straps, Haul Loop, NIR Enhanced Concealment, Meets infrared reflective specifications exterior fabric and hardware, & #8 RiRi aqua zip zippers
Design Intention/Application:

Multifunctional is a beautiful term in the gear world. When one piece of kit can serve two purposes, both space and weight are saved. That is exactly why this hydration carrier by Granite Granite gear is a soldier's best option when it comes to hydration. 

See, service-members are issued Camelbak reservoirs and carriers, that are designed to be shoulder carried like a backpack. It is not possible for these units to be molle mounted on load bearing equipment (lbe) easily. This is where the Granite Tactical Gear H2O comes in.

The adaptability of the "H20"'s soldier straps eliminate the need for separate reservoir bags. Its straps, are constructed simply of thin and flexible 500D nylon. When used in combination of their quick release buckles, these straps can quickly convert from shoulder straps, to molle weaving straps. Their long length means is an added benefit. In backpack mode their is plenty of room for adjustment and in lbe/molle mounted mode, the length allows for easy and quick mounting as well as tight drawdowns to prevent gear from flopping allowed. In both modes, the excess can be tucked up into the middle  column of PALS webbing to leave a neat appearance.

Other brands of hydration carriers have little extra room and either small or no pockets. However, this is not the case with the "H2O" as it has two pockets and plenty of extra space. The two pockets are only X inches by X inches but can fit                  . One is on the outside and one is on the inside of the main compartment. The main compartment itself can hold a 300oz/3L bladder full and still have some room for other small items such as a multitool. Be careful not to put anything too small inside there as there are small holes in the bottom corners (about the diameter of your pointer finger). These will be discussed at the end.

If that isn't enough room, it has x rows by x rows of pals webbing to attach anything and everything which is a huge plus. On mine, I have the Source Universal Tap Adapt (UTA) in a molle sheath for quick access. 

Now for the small stuff. It has #8 RiRi aqua zip zippers as well as "high output hydration ports" located on the bottom. Honestly, I am not really sure what they were intended for (I am assuming they are for multiple bladder tubes), but they would serve as very large drainage holes. Lastly, it has closed cell foam insulation, and meets infrared reflective specifications exterior (whose, I'm not positive, but apparently it meets somebodies, I guess the military's).

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