Saturday, January 28, 2012

Leatherman Core: Gone But Not Forgotten

Item: Leatherman Core Multitool
Price Range: $50.00-$60.00
Make: Domestic
Dimensions: 4.5" long (closed)
Weight: 10.8 oz
Time in Testing: 5 years
Design Intention/Application:
Tools: (19)1/8" Screwdriver, 420HC Clip Point Knife with Straight Edge, 420HC Sheepsfoot Serrated Knife, 5/16" Screwdriver, 7/32" Screwdriver, 9 in | 22 cm, Awl with Thread Loop, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Electrical Crimper, Hard-wire cutters, Needlenose Pliers, Phillips Screwdriver, Regular Pliers, Saw, Stranded-wire cutters, Wire cutters, Wire Stripper, Wood/Metal File
Features: 25-year Warranty, All Locking Blades and Tools, Black Oxide Version Available, Comfort-sculpted Handles, Leather or Nylon Sheath, Stainless Steel Body, Stainless Steel Handles

While discontinued, the Core is still a good buy if found. There are not many places left selling it, however it can be found typically in that $50-$60 range mentioned above (other than Amazon). 

 Weighing in at 10.8 oz, this tool is robust and durable. Thus, I'd classify it more as a mid to full size multi-tool. It is one I usually throw in my range bag, or car, or carry on me when weight isn't an issue. Although I have, its not suited for backpacking. I think a better option for carry is any juice in particular an XE6. 

It has the same quality found in every Leatherman product. Heavy construction, curved handles, precise plier tips, and tight joints make it so. This particular model, being older, has tools that open from the inside and lock buttons that lock the tools into place. It is not a one handed opening tool. Accessing the tools is easy as their are many large nubs for which to pull the tools out by. Inside tools are silky smooth in deployment and don't catch on the others on the way up, brining five tools out when you only wanted one. Locking and releasing the tools is also easy with the aid of the spring loaded lock buttons.  

The 420HC has stood up well to abuse and neglect. Most times she goes uncleaned, and despite the neglect there is virtually no rust. There are tiny pockets in small hard to reach crevices but it is barely even noteworthy.  Where I do see wear and tear is on the wire cutters. I don't cut wires often, howeve the blades have gotten dull, and while that doesn't bother me, it may bother somebody else (this was made before they had replaceable cutters). As with any knife, the drop point shape handles most utilitarian tasks well, and sharpens up quickly. This is not quite so for the serrated blade, as sharpening may pose harder not only due to the serrations, but the chisel as well. 

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