Saturday, January 28, 2012

Molle Muff

Item: FHF Gear Molle Muff
Price Range: $45.00
Make: Domestic
Time in Testing:N/A
Design Intention/Application:Hand Warmer
Features: 300 wt. fleece liner, water resistant 500D Cordura shell, internal mesh pocket for hand warmers, quick attach/detach from tac vests, maintain dexterity

With little information out on the product, I wanted to do an overview as I have had not had time to thoroughly test it. The muff certainly seems promising, and I didn't want to not cover the product before the winter ends. 

The intent of the product, is to maintain dexterity without gloves. As it is constructed of thin close cell foam, a fleece lining, and a hand warmer pouch it should allow one to do so. These features would allow you to keep your hands toasty and at the ready to get a weapon up or perform any other task. It mounts to an IOTV or any velcro sealed plate carrier easily. Just place the velcro hangers inside the flaps of the velcro and you're ready to rock'n roll. Its easy, and they remove easily too. If the vest is older, an individual may remove the velcro hangers and slide malice clips through (probably not as quick to detach as the velcro capability). It may be purchased with an optional belt, so it can be worn without being attached to any gear (great for hunting, hiking, etc.). The belt itself features, a quick adjustment tab, and the clip connecters can easily be attached/removed from the molle on the rear of the muff. Lastly, it features shock cord which enables to fold the muff over and retain the muff when not in use. This product seems to be a perfect fit for those reusable hand-warmers. Make sure to check out the photos. Captions will provide details. 

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